Wednesday, January 4, 2012

7 Spiritual Commitments for 
Parents to Make in 2012
By: Charles Steiner

1. Commit to living a Christ like example, at all times, before your child. 
Begin with the end in mind. Think about how your words and actions will effect your child(ren)’s decision to be a follower of Christ after high school graduation. Seeing genuine faith in parents is the #1 determining factor for faithfulness after high school graduation.

2. Provide the right environment for your child(ren).
Give the house, their room, and their other surroundings a makeover. Remove all bad things from their environment and fill it with good things.

3. Commit to consistently bringing your child(ren) to the meetings of the church. 
This includes Bible class on Sunday morning, worship on Sundays (morning and night), and the Bible study/devotional on Wednesday nights.

4. Commit to ensuring your child(ren) are involved in worship.
If they are to young to sing, pray, and follow the lesson, why not have them do something Bible related like look at a Bible story book or color a picture that is Bible related?

5. Commit to have your child(ren) involved in the activities of the church's youth ministry. 
By doing so, you supplement the learning and spiritual growth they are getting at home from you. It also provides opportunities for them to be of service to others. It also helps your child(ren) become connected socially with other Christians their own age.

6. Commit to teaching your child(ren) the Bible at home.
The new Bible school curriculum at Cottondale provides family devotionals to do together each night based on what your child(ren) are learning in class. There is also a memory verse for them to learn each week. If for some reason you would like something different to do at home, I will gladly suggest books and/or materials that will be conducive for your child(ren)’s learning.

7. Pray with and for your child.
Show your child that you know and believe that God is active and working in your lives, and will do what is best for your family as you seek his help. Ask for God’s blessings upon your child and your efforts as parents.

May God bless you, as you seek to make these commitments in 2012!

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