Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Help for Today: Thank You
Text: Luke 17

He had been lumped in to a basket with a group of men suffering the same affliction, leprosy. This group of men had found a common bond in this terrible disease. Frankly, it was a bond forged by isolation. They were living their lives as outsiders, not able to function in normal society. They had a disease and they could not get rid of it. Then, along came Jesus. They saw Him as hope, in fact, their one and only hope. They cried out to Him. When I say they cried out, I mean it. Loud. Drawing attention. Causing all eyes to focus on them. As you would expect, He was completely drawn in to giving them help. He gave them help, while testing their faith and giving them something to do. As they made their way to the priests, as Jesus directed them to do, the leprosy was gone. What faith! Clean, as a newborn baby. Now, what the nine did, I do not know. But this one, I absolutely know. This Samaritan that Jesus identified as a foreigner came back to Him and said thank you! Appreciation. Gratitude. Hold high today an unnamed foreigner who had a level of gratitude toward his Master that he just had to express. To that same Master, I, too, owe a word of thanks, right? Today.

All the best and I hope this gives you "Help for Today”

Clark Sims

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