Monday, February 25, 2013

Help for Today: Support
Text: Acts 16

He, too, was drug through the streets. He, too, was placed in shackles in the area of the jail reserved for the most severe of criminals. He, too, was guilty of nothing, in reality, of more than a committed faith. But, he, too, while shackled in the prison with his brother, was heard singing and praying. He, too, felt the shake of the earthquake and was free to escape. He, too, stayed where he was. He, too, was asked the question, “What must I do to be saved?” He, too, went with the jailer as this man, and his all of his house, were taught the gospel and baptized. His name still never jumps to the front of the page like his partner, Paul. But, ask Paul. Ask Paul about the value of that “wingman.” Never take for granted the role of the supporter, the one by your side, the one that makes the conjunction “and” necessary. Hold the name “Silas” high today. He was quite a brother. By the way, there is a good chance not one of us will ever be an “apostle Paul” but, we can all be a “Silas.”

All the best and I hope this gives you “Help for Today”.

~ Clark Sims

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